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✓ Analyze any YouTube video and get deep insights into the audience.

✓ Find what people are saying about your brand and products.

✓ Search comments.

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🍩 Main Features

Text-based emotion analysis

Be thankful for positive messages and react to negative experiences. Learn which aspects of media you need to change.

Emoji, emoji
and emoji

Obtain comments based on these massively popular non-verbal sentiment indicators.

Mentioned time marks

Know what moments of your videos are the most commented. Understand which parts are the most liked or disliked by viewers.


Find what people are saying about your brand and products. Perfect tool for advertisers to evaluate paid promo posts.


Search phrases and terms inside the comments. Similar to keywords, but faster because we don't create reports for each term.


Know when someone mentions someone. And like always — top emoji and average sentiment included.

People talking about

Explore general topics from your comments over different categories (like companies, locations) and view comments related to them.


Are there are any hashtags in the comments? Now you know. Top emoji and sentiment included for every hashtag.

Author profile

View commenter profile. Subscribers count. Description. How many comments user left under this video, etc.

Reply to a comment

Channel audience


See how your audience evolves during the time. For channels and playlists.

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💁 how it works
step 1

Authorize YouTube account

step 2

Add YouTube video url or select video from your channel

step 3

We will notify you when comments will be downloaded and analyzed

$29/month 🔥

Unlimited reports

50k comments/month

Analyze unlimited comments while we're in beta

Analyze any YouTube video

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🎓 Q & A

Supported languages

We support English and Spanish. Soon more languages will be added.

Supported platforms

Our main focus now is YouTube. Disqus, Facebook and Instagram on our short list.


We don't have public API yet, but if you want to use our tool via API feel free to write to us about your company needs. API can be used for any source of data, not only YouTube.

Pricing and limits

After signing up, you can create 3 free reports and explore demo reports. Subscribe to YouTube PRO plan for $29/month, and generate unlimited reports. While we're in beta, you can analyze videos with no more than 50k comments (well, it's a lot), but with no monthly limits. Please contact us if you want to analyze videos with more than 50k comments.

Roadmap and feature requests

We would be happy to hear any ideas from you — feedback.tubus.io

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